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I'm overstating it a bit in my previous post, but that about sums up the attitude. File this under the one thing I would change about apug because there is really so much good. Many threads of people sharing their 10-20-30-40 years of experience, expertise in a variety of areas I haven't even considered. I never really considered the artistry that can happen between film and paper until I found the printing thread showing film scan and print. Sure there is real change in the industry but too much negative without much positive tends to scare away the noobs like myself. ...and I was starting in the direction of E6 Though I'm reconsidering toward MF B&W to get into developing.

On the OP, I don't have insight into film sales, but I think there is movement from digital to film by many who "grew up" with digital. There is an amazing amount of plugins and filters to get that "film look". There is a reason for that.
You have to remember that film had many many years to get it right. And did they ever get it right. The many looks and types of film produce incredible images especially black and white.

When processes changed to digital the natural progression was to still try and get that look we all loved. And digital had a slightly different look that many people didn't like as much. Don't forget a plug in is just essentially a short cut through photoshop to get a look. When I first converted over to digital that first thing I had to learn how to do was to duplicate the look of all the portraits on my wall that I had shot with medium format b&W film. The look I loved.

I think your idea of medium format black and white as a starting point is a great idea, in fact maybe the best idea, of a way to learn and get GREAT black and white pictures. And black and white film will be around for a very long time.