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Didn't they make film at Harrow as well at one time in the not-so-distant past? It was my understanding that they did. In my freezer are several boxes of Portra 160VC that clearly say "Made in Great Britain." The Pension Plan might do very well to explore bringing back that capability once things are up and running.
Film was certainly made in Harrow, I'd guess up to 7-8 years ago. Master rolls were shipped about 150 miles up the M1 Motorway to be cut and packed at the factory at Annesley, near Nottingham (Robin Hood country ). There was a large modern Kodak finished factory there (all now gone), and I have several Ektachome boxes "Finished and packed at Annesley, Nottingham, England". It was quite usual to spot several Kodak trucks whenever travelling on the motorway.

(I'm wondering if, even if film coating resumed at Harrow, there is any finishing equipment left there, as the Nottingham finishing plant was in operation something like 15-20 years...not got the dates to hand, but I know they're on the web somewhere).