Interesting fact as of film being made in Harrow until ~2006. Now, possibility of making film products again would depend as if they got rid of the specific machinery for it I guess.

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I don't know why you guys keep going on and on about film being made in Harrow. Just because KPP owns the operation does not necessarily mean anyone would think it were a good idea to move everything there. There is zero reason to do that and zero reason (aside from corporate legality games) to not just continue with what they're doing by contracting everything from the Kodak that is making the film now. Moving it all to the UK would be a stupid move of the highest order.
Completely agree. As of now, if Rochester is sustainable; nothing should change.
But concerning (doomsday) thoughts about building 38 being too big and if MP demand dwindles deeming building 38 unsustainable (elaborating further on an apocalyptic situation) shutting down... The KPP wouldn't have its main source of still film.

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If not, I'm sure Simon's crew at Ilford Photo in Mobberly would be happy to finish Kodak film. I'm sure they still have the equipment, since they do it in B&W and finishing color I can't imagine would be too terribly different from B&W.
Indeed, finishing is a different stage of the product and could be outsourced. If not, in mainland EU there are more options too.
You just reminded me of the "Made in USA, finished in Mexico" of Kodak film. From Rochester to wherever in Mexico there is a long way...

And let's see when KPP wakes up and says something about the film & paper they now control.