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Astia was the closest E-6 film to Kodachrome I ever found, but it wasn't that close. Besides, in my opinion, E-6 is a "dead process walking," Ferrania notwithstanding. Those who enjoy color film would be advised to embrace C-41, which will probably last a few years longer. Or just make the leap directly to digital. Or, like I have, concentrate on black and white film/paper.

Screw C41!
I dont want to shoot any crappy negative films!
Thats why i went digital in the first place! Since i never shot E6 beforehand, i didnt know alot about it. I love E6, and i can only thank the demise of Kodachrome for that, as annoyed as i am that i never shot any kodachrome, at least ive got an interest back again in film photography, and i love it!
The photos im getting with E6 are far superior to anything ive ever shot in C41.
Would be pretty cool though if it was possible to produce a reversal film that could be processed in C41 chemistry with the same results as E6, i assume this would require some very special dye couplers.

Anyway, its good to see the uptake of Lomography, since this may one day be the only thing left eventually that keeps colour film alive.