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So just out of idle curiosity... do you still have any of your 30 years worth of film equipment? Was there ever any of your own darkroom equipment to go along with it? If so, any of that stuff left over as well?

Ever entertained any thoughts about picking up a film camera again? Not for business. That's a completely different set of requirements with expectations all its own. But maybe for personal use? And just for a little retro enjoyment?

I'm just a weekend hack without an ounce of talent. And amazingly Sean still lets me post photographs in the galleries. You presumably really know what you're doing. If your eye is anything like your posts, I'd love to see some photographs by you posted there as well...

I still have two of the Hasselblads I originally bought in 1976. CM and ELM. with 50, 80, 150.

I have a gorgeous Linhof 4x5. circa 1968

I have a Nikon F4.

But I sold my three enlargers a 6x6 a 4x5 and a 5x7 as well as all my trays, print washers vacuum easel , 10-24x24 trays etc and since I don't have a darkroom I'd never shoot analog again or anything else that I can't print myself. Sold it about 7-8 years ago.

With what I do now it's almost impossible except for a really good printer to tell, if my analog b&w and my digital b&w 20x24 are one or the other under glass from 4 feet away.