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Why not just take photos with nothing in focus?
I've got myopia and can assure it's a bit annoying. Plus the bokeh (in my eyes) is rather bad.
I don't know if they sell summiluxes that can mount on here...

I did have a short "Bokeh" period, thankfully Kodachrome distracted me from that. As it needed plenty of light, it did bring in bokeh too. Nowadays I find myself ocassionally using selective focus, but not in an exaggerated way.
My fastest lens is the classic 50mm 1.8. I'd love more aperture for the light gathering!

As of wabi-sabi, it reminded me of preworn/faded new jeans. I buy new solid indigo/black jeans and let them get worn.
I make fun of it by telling that you can always put 'em into the back of the van and let them drag down the road. Just as shown on brainiac (an UK science TV show)