Thanks for the response. I agree "yaw free" is no big deal for me considering the photography I do. You can work around it anyway, but in fact I can't recall a single time I even had to deal with it, and there are only a handful of situations in which I've even needed simultaneous tilt/swing.

Interesting you mention the Norma. Mark Citret got back to me to answer some of my questions about the Toyo VX125 and he said he actually sold the Toyo about ten years ago and went back to using the Norma.

It's such a difficult decision. I don't use long lenses, so that helps. My longest lens is a 300mm and I really only use it at fairly long distances. I'm down to that Toyo model, Sinar, Arca, and perhaps a non-folding Ebony. The Ebony is obviously somewhat of an outlier in the mix in that it has no scales, indicators, nothing. But there are plenty of photographers who find all the scales virtually useless anyway. I didn't use them much on the Sinar A1. The Ebony and the Sinar P would offer asymmetric tilts, but I'm not convinced this is a deal-breaker feature. Maybe you can save a few iterations vs base tilt if one of your focus points falls nicely on the axis, but people did without asymmetric movements for a long time. Still not crazy about a wooden camera, but who knows.

The jury seems to be out on rigidity when it comes to Sinar vs Arca. It appears to be one of those things. Some people love Sinar, others swear by Arca. The Arca F-lines appear to be slightly more portable than a P2. Lots of Sinar parts out there, but not a lot of full cameras, and you make an important point about franken-cameras when it comes to any modular system. And I'm having a lot of trouble when looking at used F2 cameras. You just don't know what you're getting. If I decided to buy something new, the problem with Sinar is I don't even know who distributes it in North America anymore.

Another option is of course the Technikardan 45s. Some people complain about rigidity at longer extensions, but since I rarely need more than ~30cm (and usually considerably less), I'd be far from its maximum extension so perhaps rigidity becomes a non-issue. Certainly if I decided on a new one it would cost less than either a Sinar P2 or an Arca F-line Metric. But what makes Linhof a wallet killer is the price of accessories. Bag bellows (which I would definitely need) for example.

Then there's the fresnel thing. My A1 didn't have one (none of the Sinars come standard with it) and it wasn't much of a problem for me except with a 72mm lens. On the other hand I find it harder to focus with a fresnel (my current camera has an integrated ground glass/fresnel like the Ebony and others), so that's another variable.