For sale is a very nice introductory 4x5 setup, purchased right here on this very forum from Daniel Stone. I have never really been able to work up the patience required for shooting large format, so I have to pass this along.

Cambo SC - Bellows apparently had light leak issues, and the previous owner taped up all four corners with black gaffer's tape (visible in pictures). I have *never* had any issues with light leakage, and the black tape is something that doesn't even register with me when I look at the camera. One of the bubble levels has had all the fluid evaporate from it, though the other three are fine. Comes with a fresnel grid screen marked with a 6x7 guideline, an additional ground glass screen that has a crack in it, and a second lens board, which I believe is a Copal 1.

Caltar II-N 135mm f/5.6 in Copal 0 shutter - Bought from KEH in bargain condition. The glass elements show no scratches or fungus whatsoever. There are a few very tiny white spots along the outer edge of both the front and rear elements (visible in pictures). They have *never* affected any pictures I've taken with this lens. Shutter operates smoothly and speeds seem accurate, though I have no real way to test them. Comes mounted in a Copal 0 board


(4) Lisco film holders in great condition
(1) Partial box of Delta 100, missing maybe 3-5 sheets out of 25 total
(1) Partial box of Kodak Ektar 100, missing 2 sheets out of 10
(1) Lens wrench

Overall, a great 4x5 starter kit. All you need is a loupe, a dark cloth, a tripod, and a cable release.

$325 shipped to anywhere in the continental U.S. I'll eat the PayPal fees. Open to reasonable offers. I'd like to keep it as a single set, but I will break it up if I don't have any interest in the next few days. Prices for individual items will be higher than the total for everything all together.

Please, U.S. buyers only at this time. It's just easier and faster, and I need to get this out the door ASAP.