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Haha hey now 8 track sound was way better than cassette's as I've read just like beta max was better than VHS, does anyone know why 8 track lost? I know betamax lost because of the porn industry, but why 8 track?
I don't think it had better sound than cassette after a while, as the endless tape rubbed over itself as it ran. I had a good deck though, and the sound was good enough for the car. It did change tracks 4 times during its run (4X2 stereo tracks) which took getting used to. But cassettes had to flipped over, so I guess that's a wash. Two things I hated about cassettes though-- one was when they would start squeaking as they ran, usually as a result of being left in a hot car, and the other was the frequency with which they would get eaten by the tape deck.