Nikon FM2N (75$ US + shipping)

  • Everything works as it should, speeds and meter are very good.
  • Since I got it, I replaced the light seals and repaired a small bump on the metal part of the viewfinder.
  • Very generous brassing, as shown in the pictures.
  • Included : Third-party rapid winder, body cap and neoprene strap.

Nikkor 50mm 1.4 Ai-S (100$ US + shipping)

  • Barrel in very good condition.
  • Glass is excellent : no fungus or haze, no scratches, very little dust.
  • Possible issue : aperture ring a bit stiff and focussing ring a bit too smooth.
  • Included : front cap.

Minolta XE-7 (20$ US + shipping)

  • Super smooth film winding.
  • Light seals were replaced 2 months ago.
  • Speed and shutter seems accurate.
  • Issues : meter underexpose by about 1 1/2 stop and sometimes has the «jumpy needle» syndrome. I cleaned the ISO dial contacts and it is now better than before, so maybe a better cleaning will get rid of the problem.
  • Prism desilvering : you can see it in the last picture. It makes the viewfinder a bit darker, but I didn’t really notice it when my eye was against the back of the camera.
  • Other than these issues and the brassing, it is a very functional camera in manual mode.
  • Included : original body cap.

Items are located in Canada. Payment by Paypal only. I have done what I think is an honest description and will do my best to answer any question you might have.