I think it's a good idea to do what we can to make ALL of our pictures look their very best. We owe it to the arts, if nothing else.
I was shooting some portraits outdoors last month, and knew from experience that I need about f/8 for close-ups to have enough depth of field to be satisfying to my eye, while at the same time isolating the subjects from the background. My Summitar just works so well at f/5.6 or 8.
Had I opened up more, all the way to f/2, the background becomes too busy and distracting again, while focusing on the fly will be far more difficult.

If I focus at f/1.4 with a 50mm lens, and a full figure shot, I stand a chance at recording enough depth of field to have enough focus where it doesn't look terrible. But when I move in that DOF becomes narrower the closer I am to the subject. Why, then, not stop down enough for decent depth of field?

Anyway. Use your tools to fully explore the medium. Don't limit yourself.