Hello all

After some time away from my film cameras, I returned to pinhole photography with a 35mm camera that I designed, 3D printed, and shoot. This is my 4th pinhole, dubbed the PINHE4D. No, it's not dovetailed oak and polished brass, but it is easy to modify to your needs. For instance, doubling the frame width is a relatively trivial scaling operation in a CAD program. One of the many goals for this project is to create a library of 3D printable parts that people can use to build cameras from scratch: spools, rollers, winding mechanisms, shutters, etc. I also plan to develop a large format camera in the future.

I got my first roll back today (drugstore developing, couldn't wait for the lab), Kodak Ektar 100, but stay tuned for the B&W:

Of course, you can print and build your own:

Thanks for looking