After a bout of darkroom therapy with a Kodak Brownie I am now starting to prepare for a nice long weekend away in about a months time. Amongst my very sad looking collection of lenses I have a 50mm Auto Mamiya/Sekor lens that I really don't have much information about and have never actually shot with. A quick google search didn't seem to yield very satisfactory results and so I decided to ask here instead. So the information I am hoping to find is as follows:
  • Did any camera ship with this lens stock?
  • What sort of sharpness should I expect with this lens?
  • Does this lens hold any economical value?
  • Is it worth me getting an adapter to use this lens with my Pentax Program-A body?
  • Where could this lens prove more useful than my Takumar-A 28~80mm lens?

Sorry if I sound to demanding. Septim