The nice thing about mounting your own is the ability to pick the winners, and only mount them. I process my own e-6, and cut them to fit neg filer pages. I contact print them in B&W to have a visual reference page that I can write note on that gets filed with the slide page.

When the urge strikkes me I either scan them, or mount the ones I want to project. The Polaroid cutter is handy. Mine has a build in light and loupe. Polaroid mounts in them make you expect that you will mount every image.

My 6x6 MF I mount in fold over heat seal paper mounts.

I was given a Byers automated 35mm slide mounter, but ended up dumping it after finding no takers, and I had not used it in the three years it sat set up ready to run. It was a slick machine. Spat out mounted slides. Was a little noisy, needing a compresed air line and power to run it Spat out nicely fused paltic mounts though, and even with a frame number imprinted on the mount when I remembered to refresh the inking pad.