DoF is mainly an afterthought for my 35mm photography, but figures in heavily with my medium format stuff. Probably due to using an RF for almost all my 35 work now and I am used to composing with the entire finder "in focus". I think SLRs encourage "bokeh"-laden photographs because they throw it in your face from the get-go. A teacher I had in college referred to the fad of taking out of focus pictures of lights and other nonsense not as photographs of a subject in front of your lens, but as photographs of your lens.

When I say it figures into my medium format work, it means I generally work at whatever aperture allows me to set my Hasselblad at 1/125 or 1/250 in whatever light I happen to be shooting in, and I have to take the DoF on the focusing screen into account at that point. "Bokeh" for me, when it isn't an ancillary characteristic of whatever settings I have decided to use, is there to serve one purpose, that is to juxtapose hard and soft edges in the photograph.

case in point: