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I have these long wavy lines on whole length of the hp5+ 120 film. Development process was like this: pre-wash 2x30 secs, Rodinal 1+50 for 12 minutes, agitation 45 secs + 10 secs every minute, quick wash, stop bath 90 secs, quick wash, 1st fixer 90secs, 2nd fixer 90secs, ilford wash method, 120secs final wash in ilfotol 1+200 solution. Hanged to dry without squeegeeing. I have crud in city water so i use demi water in whole process.

What could have caused it?
I'd say you have a water drying problem. Almost looks like lime/calcium deposits streaking the film. The next roll you dry try hanging it horizontal. I do this most of the time now with my 120 film. The water droplets have less distance to travel and much less time to leave deposits on your film. If you dry horizontal and still have the marks, but going in a direction across the film you'll then know it's a water drying problem. Might be your demi water or wetting agent. I always used way to much Kodak Photo-Flo and always had spotting problems. I learned that more is not always better! Also, it seems that your fix times are on the short side, but I don't use two bath for film. I do for prints, but not film. If there is a problem with the film you'd hear a huge uproar and we're not hearing that. Since there is not an outcry I'd say it's something "in home" that's causing you the grief. Hanging the film horizontal to dry would be a very good place to start. JohnW