Greetings everyone,

645 has to go. Donít use it. Find it too heavy for walking around.

Hereís the stuff:
1 Pentax 645 body with front & rear caps, neck strap, manual & rubber eye cup. $130
1 SMC Pentax-A 45 f/2.8 with both caps $150
1 SMC Pentax-A 55 f/2.8 with both caps & Pentax rubber hood $160
1 SMC Pentax-A 80-160 f/4.5 with both caps *** suffers from focus creep **** $180
1 SMC Pentax-A 120 f/4 1:1 Macro with both caps $250
1 SMC Pentax-A 200 f/4 with both caps & integrated hood $175
1 Set Pentax auto extension tubes [front cap only] $100
1 120 & 1 220 film sleeve both for $65
1 Pentax RF Converter with case $100
1 2X magnifier $65
1 Adapter K for 645 [can use 645 lenses on 35mm Pentax K mount cameras] $100

Now some of you might have noticed that Iím not selling this as a kit but if someone wants more than 1 piece we can work something out price wise.

And if you want the whole kit [Christmas is coming sooner that you think] there will be a substantial discount. PayPal only please.
Price does not include shipping or PayPal fees. Iím learning as I go alongÖ

Thank you for looking!