Updated list.

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Shipping is extra, Paypal or money order preferred.

If any of the lenses are on boards you don't need, I can take them off and adjust the price downwards. Or I can add boards to lenses that don't have them. Just ask!

All are in condition described, and have no fungus I can see. If you have any problems I'll definitely take returns.

Schneider Componon 60mm 5.6 - a bit dusty but good shape. $25
Schneider Componon S 50mm 2.8 - coating haze on front, nice cosmetic shape - on Beseler 4x4 lens board $17

Rodenstock Rodagon 50mm 2.8 - on Omega B22 lens board - small amount of dust, but nice overall $15
Rodenstock Rodagon 50mm 2.8 - a bit of dust, good overall $10
Rodenstock Rogonar S 75mm 4.5 - on Beseler 4x4 lens board - nice glass, nice cosmetics $25