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You'll get what you pay for a CLA, especially with the few people who are factory trained. I've done business with Odess and he's worth every penny. I would be afraid that a cheaper CLA might involve squirting in some lighter fluid and hoping for the best, rather than disassembly and proper cleaning, which clearly takes a lot of time and expertise.

Otherwise, measure your shutter speeds and use a "cheat sheet" of actual shutter speeds. There are instructions on the web to make a shutter speed tester using parts from RadioShack, for $10 or so. Mine works fine and then I attach the cheat sheet to the camera and just use those numbers.
The trouble here is this - will the speeds remain stable, and will they be consistent? If 1/250 is actually 1/200, no biggie. But if it continues to drift towards longer and longer times, or is erratic, forget any kind of close control over exposures.

Anyone buying old equipment must be aware of the fact that machines need regular maintenance to function as intended.