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Pretty hard crowd.

I read the posts about another 3D printed camera, and I was surprised at the vitriol being dished out. APUG guys don't seem to get it. Obviously, there is a fundamental lack of understanding in this forum about 3D printing. It's a hard concept to get your head around sometimes.

This is NOT expensive - like $3 US in materials
This is not exotic technology
It's not any more fragile than a Holga (but don't drop either of them, please)
It really is as simple as downloading the CAD files and printing your own.
I don't have such printer. And I do not expect it to be in the same price range as that material you refer to.
Lately in some large cities in Europe public 3D Printers have been installed. Nowhere next to me.
Downloading a file from the net and sending it to some on-line printing service to get a ready-made camera does not seem a intriguing way to go for me. Then I rather modify myself a camera as indicated above and even gain more features on the film transport side.
Or building a camera totally from scrap.

Do you have a printer of your own?