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I see Polaroid cameras all the time at my local thrift shop. But I know nothing about which formats are/are not available and don't really dare to buy any of them. I figure it might be fun, but I remember all the shitty Polaroids my mom made back in the 70's and really don't want to repeat that. Is there anything that would appeal to the f64 crowd (you know what I mean) or is this all Lomo type stuff? If I can make some quality images, Ok, but I am not the slightest bit interested in the hipster/lomo world. Is this stuff ready for prime time?
It's possible that you could find the resolution and grain of the Fuji (FP100C and FP3000B, 100ASA color and 3000ASA mono) (AKA peel-aparts) acceptable but you have to realize a couple things. One, its hard to manage the negatives out in the field without some sort of custom-built holder as they are floppy and wet and gooey and fragile until they dry, at which point they are floppy and fragile and easily scratched. He negs can be bleached into a printable form but that's yet another step. The prints tend to be grainier and less sharp and just a bit more "Lomo."

Back in the day, Polaroid made peel-aparts and made backs to fit Hasselblads, RB/RZ67, other medium and large format cams, plus their own medium format interchangeable lens rangefinder: 600 SE. They called their peel-apart Type 100 in general, but there were a bazillion different types of film that all were 3x4 and had either just a print or print plus neg.

Of course, then there is the Impossible stuff (integral). There are three main types of Polaroid/Impossible film, two of which fit the same cameras. Spectra has the biggest film area, the SX70 folding has the best glass lens and the best design, and the folding 600/660/etc and plastic SX70 cams generally suck.