Excellent news! I notice that the data sheet describes the film as "orthopanchromatic", which I guess means a reduced red response more or less matching the old Efke films?
Exactly. Even if Fotokemika was still allive today the films wouldnīt be the same because many components are not manufactured anymore.
We tried to match the old film as closely as possible using what was readily available off the shelve.

It is possible to get even closer but not within less than a years time (unless you spend so much money that I am sceptical anyone would do this).

We were kind of inbetween the necessity to bring the follow up film fast and match it as closely as possible.

We think that the outcome is very good. All bugs have been fixed:

- A state of the art coating with no defects
- A hardened emulsion
- More speed @ finer grain
- A similar old style single layer emulsion system
- A very similar spectral response including the gap at blue-green (compare the curves old vs. new on the ADOX website)
- The same clear archival PET base
- A new light piping prevention (quite a problem with the old film)
- Improved anti halation (AHU)
- Better confectioning