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Well a $20 wholesale price is common on myriad small photographic products in retail, it is not restricted to film. I think the wholesale price on cable releases must be something like $45; most cost more than $80 to $90 here, which is quite extravagant for something made in China...
Whoa! There was a German company that made and sold their cable releases. They had numerous models and for 20 you got a quite good 50cm release.

I haven't analysed this but TIP instant film seems to be +- at the same price around. I haven't looked outside Europe but here it's about 20, a pro shop added 3 more for it. That for PX680 600 film. So TIP and the retailers sell at the same price.

Being a huge corporation that is Fuji, with the small division of film. I don't know if they could (to put it better: want) to fix a price for each of the film product.
As of "wanting to kill film"; Henning Serger posted something about a viable market for reversal S8 & 16mm just that it was rather small. It is fullfilled by the small companies who respool the film. Perhaps it's not of fuji's interest to buy new machinery, but how about partnering with one of these companies and put their name into the product?
Well, or having discontinued all MP film, perhaps they want to forget all kinds of MP.