Not sure why my last post from yesterday had to be approved by a moderator and never showed up here. Trying to repost below.

Ian: That's great! However it is not really straightforward to install. You need to install .Net Framework 4.5 and SQL Express as a prerequisite. Then you need to run a SQL script to set up the DB and the tables. As you mentioned long time experience with Access, I guess it's pretty easy for you. I hope to find time to write up a short installation guide and manual in the next week. Then I'll provide you with a download link via PN. I guess you'll do a dry run first without the relay board? Then I'll leave that pat out in the docs.

dslater: Thanks for sharing your method! I guess keeping it straight forward is the way to go if you get enough darkroom time to get "the feeling". I read "Way beyond monochrome" as it was widely recommended throughout many forums. I don't have the experience yet to judge what technique will be my way of working. For now, that book is my "bible" and I try to follow it where I can. Maybe over time I'll find my own style of working. The idea with the program was foremost to free my brain from the routine stuff and focus more on visualizing / working on the print content.