After reading some of the different opinions it appears pretty obvious that this is emotional topic to a lot of people.

Firstly we have to remember that photography has many avenues of pursuit and whichever avenue we choose we tend to get tunnel vision and think that everyone should agree with our "avenue".

Obviously fine art photographers cherish the hand made aspect and one-off illusion of what they produce. You spend hours making a few prints you could easily get pissed at some guy that shows up and spent 10 minutes making his.

We have portrait types who's job is to take great pictures of people and make lasting prints for their walls. Retouching is extremely important and process is irrelevant to the end buyer.

We have commercial types who often don't even really need to make prints at all but just produce fast great digital files.

We have photojournalist types who need impactful shots and need them now.

We have amateurs who like to dabble and see themselves as fine art or portrait photographers and who parrot whomever they are emulating even though they couldn't sell a print of anything whether it's analog or digital, and nor do they care. It's a fun hobby.

We have traditionalists with and archivists sensibility and only truly find merit in one-off or the perfection of one print per exposed neg/plate.

We have large format types who only make contact prints and who wonder what all the fuss is about.

And we have the crossover of some of the types.

Obviously none of us are going to change anyone's opinion but it is interesting to see them explained and maybe get an understanding what is at stake for each of them.