It was great! The weather was perfect and I think I managed to get a few good shots. I posted two in the Critique Gallery a couple minutes ago. We went to some falls in WI on our way to & from the UP (Dells of the Eau Claire on the way up & Copper falls on the way down). We went to I think at least 8 separate sites... including Bond Falls and Presque Isle park (which has at least 4 falls) the 3 days we were gone. It's pretty much dead-serious photo shoot... no picnics in the park or whatever. We are up at 6am, and get back around 6 or 7pm. It's good!

Tonight is the last class for this. He will critique our photos. I am the only B&W shooter (same as last time), but I think I have a better selection this time around.

Last fall was a wee bit 'brutal'... but not so bad considering that I had no clue about a good many things! haha

Sorry the nature class was cancelled. Check UW-Waukesha's website... I know they offer many short photo-shooting classes.

There will possibly be another waterfall class in the Fall. I'll keep you updated on it.