Hello Folks !

Ive registered my account a while ago... but totally forgot to look back at the forum. Yes shame on me.
Well im from the Netherlands and 28 years old. About 1,5 year ago ive started analog photography when i bumped upon the Lomo stuff.
With some research i started with a XA2 then Canon AE-1 , Olympus OM-2n , FED 5v , Nishika 3D and many more.. and yes got addicted. Only 35mm sofar but who knows im going to get a 120mm film camera
Since couple months ago i decided to try develop Black and white for my self and worked out pretty well. And couple weeks ago
ive give developing color a try. And even that worked out.

I'm also a regular on a dutch analog photo forum but i hope to be as active here too