I'm planning my new darkroom and the Durst is in pieces in various places awaiting it's new home. One of the dimensions I forgot to record before dismantling the old darkroom was the total front to back depth - baseboard I know, but if I recall correctly, the enlarger's head actually protrudes a bit behind the back edge of the baseboard - and I need to know how much. (to determine the minimum depth of counter I can get away with without having the enlarger head rub the wall or the front of the baseboard slip of the counter...)

So, if any of you Durst L1200 (colour head - though I'm not sure that makes a difference or not) drivers out there would find the time to measure that full distance for me, I would very much appreciate it. I can't, as this point reassemble it to make the measurement for myself.

(aside: the Durst documentation I have doesn't indicate this dimension, just baseboard size, overall height, etc.)

Thanks in advance, Dave