OK you guys, the thread made me buy 5 rolls of "sunny 100".

Film is packed in a canister that looks similar to what Ferannia used to use, but I have not had a chance to do a side by side comparison. Cassette is crimped, and has the brand information in at least three colour lithography. (Blue with Orange and White) The DX barcode is labled 013954. The Emulsion surface has a sheen that looks similar to the sheen on "lomography 110 film".
The back of the film looks about as dark as Plux-X pan so they are using some sort of Anti-hallo in the undercoat. The film seems fairly translucent.

The box is in english only (no Chinese characters) and assures that "You can get ideal process results by using C-41 process liquid" The Expiry date and emulsion number are in the form of a sticker - expiry 2014/06 emulsion 2014/04. Color is spelt the American way with no "u"

Claims to be made by Hua Tian Fu Photo Materials Co. Ltd of Shantou City

Will probably be several months before I get around to shooting a roll and sending it off to be processed, (I mostly only do B&W at home)