Hi guys ! Thanks for the help. Erin cells don't exist here and I'm backpacking so I can't order online. Right now my o-ring is made of carton paper from the packaging of the batteries. The cell moves a bit sides but just slightly it seems the center more or less remains on the negative side contact.

Also we removed the sticker that was on the cap, thinking it could help to make contact with the + since he diameter is smaller. Was that a bad idea ? Can it damage the camera or short circuit the cell ?

If I put a thin foil pad, should I put it on the top part of the cell where the plus is ? Without the sticker is it going to electrocute me or damage the camera ?

It's strange cause if I target bright light in clouds etc the needle goes to the bottom as it should according to the manual. And if I target dark corners it goes up. But I don't know why it keeps going to the box when I choose BC is it because its not the appropriate battery and just a "fix"? Thanks !