I have been talking to a professional photographer friend of mine about how, as a learner, I can keep the costs down in what can be a very expensive hobby.

I was speaking to him about film and the cost of processing. He is of the opinion that I should start out using either black and white film or colour slide film. The black and white film can be processed easily by either him or myself and a contact sheet would mean that i only need get prints of the ones that i wanted to see more of. COlour slides would mean processing at the lab, but then i wouldnt need to pay for any prints, and could view the shots using a handheld view or projector. Then I could make prints if I needed too at a later date.

I was wondering what the collective here thought about the issue.

As a learner, wanting to experiment with the camera, light, exposure triangles etc, what would be the best kind of film that would allow me to easily go about my hobby, but that would keep costs down ?