camera club since 2006 not one slide projector session ever, even c41 is rare here at the club. but that 20 figure now or 32 before didn't include mounting cardboard mounts might be 25c per frame, yeah it's free included in USA. so maybe 12 bucks for mounting. I checked out film soup prices they cost a bit more than 20 that the main labs charge maybe 25. I don't have the skill for color processing starting b/w in a week or two. .. and I really only shoot 10 rolls of e6 per year not colorful in Wellington prob better for b/w. and for b/w funny Ilford rapid fixer Wellington photographice was 5 less than photo warehouse and it was 1 litre pw was 500ml. shrugs shoulders and I got a 10% camera club discount but yeah in USA still half price will bring more back when next overseas and the film and inkjet ink and paper.