rec'd from

hayley books, "a dog in...", excellent job for 1st print - i don't think you can go wrong with a dog as a subject. go to admit it takes courage or confidence to enter a print postcard exchange never having printed before - nice to see.
johannes, "...foals..." a spring time shot and unusually framed.
ed struble, "vines", intriguing
???, morning ride, an enjoyable print, done beautiful - nice light through the trees
jacco de kraker, "hillside", cyanotype... superb execution - someday i summon the courage to do one, this is truly inspiring!
boxbrownie, "merry-go-round", i somehow remember riding one of these - fond memory!
reflection, "drpsilver", love the tree!
mardan, "protrait", pensive - what's she thinking?
rachelle. "hae sai waterfalls" - very refreshing as i sit here on this hot summer day.

thanks to each of you.