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jseidl, The software from Curt Palm was a boon to my darkroom productivity. One strength is its "one button" usability. When I use it, all I need is the number pad when the light is on (to enter times)... And during printing I only hit one key - the space bar...

So heed the call for simplification, if there is a way to make most necessary functions operate from the space bar. I know it would be hard to find a certain function key in the dark.
This is a position I completely understand. Usability was my great concern with the approach as well. As this program uses a GUI, the settings (times, f-stops, number of test strips, etc.) are all done with the mouse, number pad and drop down menus. However once the "start program" button was pushed, all that needs to be done is hit space or push the huge timer button on the bottom. If any settings have to be done, they can be done when the lights are on. With the strength of my darkroom light, the monitor glow and the mouse (which uses a red led) this was never necessary. All the hotkeys I need, are space for the timer and Esc to turn on/off the focus light.

Regarding the discussion around overcomplicating things, I think this is a general discussion regarding the necessity of automating things in the darkroom. Most of the programs features can be found in the more advanced darkroom stop clocks as well. The program basically just adds the possibility to store the data in a database. I'll make a short screencast showing the program in action this week. Maybe this clarifies a few things that are hard to describe with words.

Oh, and I don't think developing this software takes away time from me while I could get better as a photographer or darkroom printer. I don't photograph on the bus or do printing there If anything, it lead to me thinking a lot more about my printing approaches than I would have without it. Even with the risk of overthinking this stuff. So maybe "Way beyond monochrome "wasn't such a good choice after all for a beginner..