Chamonix 45N2 Walnut/Grey/

Same as seen on the web site :
I purchased this camera new less than a couple of years ago and it is still in close to like new shape.
There is only a couple of marks on the bottom plate around the 3/8 hole (a 1/4 adapter is included).

  • camera with carbon protective GG plate and grey padded cloth $900 new
  • protective leather jacket $24 new
  • one Chamonix carbon lens board Copal 0 $75 new

Total new is $999 plus $65 shipping

Asking price is 20% less than new price or $800 plus shipping at cost

Preference is given to known forum member.
Preference is given to Canadian buyer paying by eTransfer (will accept CAD instead of USD in that case)

The 45N2 is a great camera and you really appreciate this when it is fully extended and still stiff as a rod.
But I recently acquired a Shen Hao XPO45 which is non-folding and also accept Sinar shutter and it will be my only 4x5 view camera replacing the 45N2 and the Wista 45DX (for sale at a later date) as I have decided to simplify my tools as much as GAS allows.