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"Way Beyond Monochrome" is a great choice for a beginner, because it gives you lots of examples of what a good print can look like, and some of the ways to get there.

And my post about those other resources was included to support your efforts by showing that there are gaps in the availability of useful darkroom aids.

You might also consider contacting both of them - they might be happy to assist and collaborate,
Just in case this came across wrong, I highly appreciate your input. The software is just an early beta version at the moment. Not sure if I wouldn't be too far out of my league when getting in touch with those "pros". I'll definitely give them a shout once I know where the project is heading.

Oh and I love "Way Beyond Monochrome"! As I learn this stuff from scratch, I wanted to do it properly from the start. It's hard for me to judge what are really essential techniques and what's just unnecessary baggage. Discussions here and at the public darkroom I attend from time to time really help a lot with learning things.