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A forum like APUG is not a good way to learn about basic photography, as you will receive much confusing and conflicting advice. Is there a local night school class you could attend?
I've been shooting, using a light meter, etc. for years...just not on film (take a look at my first sentence of my first post). In digital, ISO is almost meaningless (unless you are an indoor event photographer, are shooting at night, etc.). When I made the switch over to film, the first thing I read was about a trillion threads telling me that I need to understand my personal EI, test my chosen film for my personal film speed, etc. - that is what generated the initial set of questions.

I think I am going to take the approach of simply shooting at box speed, metering for the darkest part of the scene in which I want to preserve detail and then develop at normal, box speed recommended time. If I don't get enough detail, I will knock off a third off the box speed and try again. Once I am getting the right amount of detail, I will figure out the right development time based on how much contrast I have and how difficult it is to print.