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The fact of the matter is this:

If it is significantly cheaper for the end user to order the film in smaller bulk quantities from Freestyle (including shipping) than it is to buy the film from a local Photographic shop, its not because FS is undercutting your local shop but because your local shop is completely overpricing all of it. We're not just talking 25cents a roll here either. 100% markups are never sane.
This makes total sense for stores that have inventory that "turns over" quickly.

But if the film is going to sit on the store's shelf for 6 months, most small businesses cannot afford the carrying charges on the money they borrow to buy it unless their margins are that high.

And of course, if their prices are high, they are practically guaranteeing that the film will sit on their shelves.

So many of the stores that do continue to stock film are doing so more as a "service" than in the interests of maintaining a healthy market.

It is an extremely difficult "Catch 22" that many small photographic businesses find themselves in.