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What's this Kens place that just shut down?

Does Wellington Photographics now do E6? They used to send them of to Image Lab I was told but I got scratches from them before. I now export to Dwayannes Photo Lab and it's still lesser when you want the slides mounted too. I have noticed that the E6 processing have come back down to $20NZ? I am sure in the past it used to be more like $32NZ. And film is expensive to buy here I import them from Freestyle. At $40NZ a roll it's expensive. I have looked at Film Soup but it's expensive. I think Dwaynnes charge $9US for development mounted plus $2US on average to include P+P (both ways) when one sends them the max of 10 rolls at a time.
Kens cameras in Christchurch were processing E6 up to early this year, they lost alot of business after the earthquakes, and they sold their machine to Wellington Photographics, and they will be starting E6 processing soon, in the meantime they have been sending the films to another lab.