Hi, If you think you need suxh a complex program, or even think you don't need it but feel more comfortable with it, more power to you and I hope you get beautiful prints as a result. I can tell you that, with experience, your movements in the darkroom become more adherent to muscle memory and , as a result, you will make less careless errors and the errors will become less egregious. I do basically all the things you do via the program except its all in my head and in the notes that I record on the back of my contact sheet. Before I undertake a darkroom action, I take a few seconds and go through the various steps of exposing, burning, dodging, filtration changes, etc. and, much more often than not, all goes according to plan. Sometimes I have to throw a paper away; that's about the worst of it. I'm usually pretty satisfied with my efforts and they are repeatable. But good luck with your efforts. Maybe you will get less formal as time goes on, or not. Just enjoy yourself and keep trying to become more perfect.