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Mathew I think your are getting closer to a good plan. I do though think you are over thinking the digital to analog switch.

If we use a handheld meter set at say 100 to determine our exposure setting, the setting determined from that meter readingwill work equally well for a digital camera set to 100 or an analog camera with 100 speed film.
First off, thanks to everyone who has responded in this thread and in PMs. I found a thread a couple of days ago complaining about the "tone" of these forums, which I found funny because, in comparison to other forums in which I participate, this is by far the most civil, the most helpful, etc. And I am definitely overthinking this...its what I do.

But seriously, the difference in digital, it strikes me, is that if I set my 5dii to ISO 100, I know that is correct. I don't have to worry about figuring out whether a 5dii is really at ISO when I set it at ISO 100. Perhaps this thread is mis-titled, because I think I get the basic tenets of the ZS. It's more how I get to a place where I can use it. In other words, I think it's the generation of personal EI without access to a sensitrometer that has me confused. And that is where things seem different than digital. I am shooting FP4+, but is it really ISO 125 and how do I methodically go about figuring that out?

I can just start using the ZS and determine where to "place" Zone III and then after development at N determine whether or not there is sufficient detail in Zone III to be called Zone III. But that does not seem to be the way that most people go about this. Most seem to figure out your personal EI first, then figure out N, etc.

See what I am getting at?