I have received a few more that past 2 weeks which makes a nice change from the usual bills and boring political flyers (its election time here)

First up Bluejeh and Bluejeh2 ....two nice 5x7" the first being roses in a vase and the second a mosses on tree roots. Are the roses from your garden?

Second up is Oxleyroad close up of steam engine pistons. I am jealous because I love everything and anything steam and this sounds awesome! would love to see it running. thanks for the detailed explanation.

Third up DRPSILVER postcard titled 'Reflection" Beautiful card Love the reflected tree and how it is broken up by the reeds. Your dad would be proud of that image.

Fourth was from Hayley Books A cute dog in Port Aransas, you say this is your first print ever...Good work hopefully its followed by many many more! welcome to the world of printing.

Fifth card was by BoxBrownie I love the elements that are blending together in this the Buddha, yourself, the street with nice terraces. The lighting and contrast in this card is really pleasant as is the warm tone paper with selenium. Nice combo.

Next up is Ozphoto A nice colour card of Stone Henge. I hope to get here one day myself, In the mean time nice to see your image of it.

Last but not least I got a card from Edcculus Ivy growing up the side of a building, beautiful I wish more structures had Ivy growing on them here.

Has been really great to receive your cards and I look forward to the rest as they arrive. Many thanks everyone.