I recommend buying an old, cheap ($40) Epson 2450 scanner to proof your negs. 35mm negs are tiny, and I finally gave up trying to see what was going on w/ a loupe. Making a contact print is possible, but again, really, really small. I've missed a lot of stuff doing that. I've had more than a few instances where I've printed negs that I shouldn't have printed if I had been able to see what was really going on in there. Some people have trouble making the switch in their mind from neg to positive too. A scanned neg blown up on a monitor will show up all the glorious faults that otherwise wouldn't be seen until you make an enlarged print. With 6x6 or even 6x4.5 I have no problems. The Epson's scanning top is also removable. You can lay it down flat and have a great light table, so it's a twofer.