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the VI, VII and the Standard use Meopta dedicated bayonet filters which are a little harder to score (although they pop up on the bay from time to time)
eBay is not the best source, aukro.cz (Czech, where Flexarets come from), paladix.cz, and allegro.pl (bigger country, so more items) are way better for Meopta's cameras and accessories. There is a good chance to buy there a VI Automat or VII with plenty of accessories for less then EUR 80. If you're lucky, everything will work fine, if not, you'll have to spend another EUR 50 for re-fitting it (and then you may expect next 40 years without the slightest issue). But there is no point in buying one in bad condition, repair will cost more than a better piece.

Most common accessories are:
- colour filters for B&W
- Flexpar close-up lenses; there are two sets (for 0.3-0.5m and for 0.5-1m) for taking and viewing lenses; viewing ones have a prism to reduce parallax error; sometimes they try to sell only one from the set, which is purposeless unless you have the other one, or need the bayonet for DYI adapter
- lens shades
- leather case

I did a DYI filter adapter for 49mm, good for IR and ND1000 filters. You need: a bayonet (eg. a filter or a close up lens), a step-up adapter and epoxy glue.

You can even load a 135 film (to VI Automat) with an adapter, and take vertical panoramas