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A new trend, what does that mean?

A generalized new interest in film photography? A new interest by some people at some places?
A general new interest in film photography? Unfortunately not, at least not yet.
But a new interest in instant film photography, yes, absolutely.
Growth rates of 20-25% p.a. both for Instax film and Impossible Project (CEO Kaps said in an interview).
Fuji Instax:

As instant film was the film type declared to be dead already in 2008 by all "experts", the impressive resurgence of instant film can give us some hope for conventional film, too.
But the film manufacturers, the film distributors (Freestyle, ars-imago, ag-photographic, silverprint, Fotoimpex, Maco etc.), the labs and we film enthusiasts have to do much more in marketing for film to achieve such a real film resurgence.
Impossible and Fuji have been successful because they started massive campaigns for instant film. And they did this quite clever.

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I'd say, the latter. Even here in Germany with a stronger hold to analogue photography there are dealers which keep their films under the counter due to scarceness of request. Others have some films still on their shelves but would never order instant film (Fuji Instax). Others have not only analogue cameras in the shopwindow (Instax) but even plain type 135 next to it.
My experiences in Germany have been quite different. Much better situation there than in most other countries I've been (especially much better compared to the US and other European countries).