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Feel free to make an offer. Discounts are possible for saving me trips to the post office (buying multiple items)!

$11 shipped in the CONUS

Two plastic developing tanks with reels. One is a Patterson and is well-used, comes with one adjustable reel. Will hold two 135s or one 120. The other is brand new, I think, or very near it. Not sure on the brand. Comes with two 135 reels.

Schneider adapter for 32.5mm to m39 for enlarging lenses (see Schneider 100 f5.6 for sale, which can use this adapter)

$21 shipped in the CONUS

Jobo 1000 developing tank with three reels that adjust for various sizes of film. I believe this tank will hold up to 5 135 reels. I bought it new and have used it only for manual-devlopment of black and white film. Selling because I've gone all stainless.

Beseler Analite 300 enlarging meter. Like new, in package with instructions. I got this, intending to use it but ended up using an Omega CS-10, instead, because the CS-10 is cordless.

Misc. expired RC paper. Some of it is unopened. three packages of Kodak Polycontrast RC 8x10; one package Ilford RC 5x7. Probably more than 100 sheets total. Selling because I have a box of 250 expired Adorama brand 8x10 RC that should last me a long time.

$32 shipped in the CONUS

Schneider Componon-S 100 f5.6 enlarging lens
This is in user condition. There is some dust in the lens. Its performance matches that of my Fujinon-EP in actual use. I tested them head-to-head using the same negative, same enlarger, same printing session, enlarging to 14x14, just a few weeks ago. I'm keeping the Fujinon because it has click stops and this lens does not. This uses the Schneider 0 mount (s32.5) but I have an adapter for 32.5->m39 listed in another sale (for much cheaper than you can get a new one.)

Schneider Componon-S 50mm F2.8
In excellent condition. Has the stop-down feature that allows you to focus wide open and move it quickly back to working aperture but, unfortunately, the "arm" that attaches has broken off. M39 mount.

Schneider Componon 50mm F4
In like-new condition. This is the m25 mount but comes with the adapter for m25-m39. In original box. The adapter alone costs more than I am asking for the lens plus adapter.

$62.00 shipped in the CONUS

Albert 4-blade, 11x14 enlarging easel.
This is a great easel and substantially cheaper than most 4-blade enlarging easels. Restored by me a couple years ago and used until a few weeks ago. I'm selling it because I built a vacuum easel that I use as my primary, now, and own another one of these as a backup. The weight of the Albert, is a nice feature. It stays put. Another nice feature is the adjustable blades, which can be re-squared if needed using an 8mm wrench. This one has been recently squared and is ready to use. It's fairly heavy so about half the price is the cost of shipping. Comes with a partially used 50-sheet package of expired Ilford RC paper. Probably about 30-40 sheets left.

Free when you buy something else:

Metrophot meter with low-light attachment, both in leather cases with instructions.
They work. I don't know how accurate they are.

Beseler m45 lens board for m39, with retaining ring. Missing one screw, though.

Stainless steel dev tank lid. This one is slightly larger than any of my SS tanks. Comes with SS cap.

Yashica point and shoot, fixed-focus "panoramic" camera with case. I used to take this with a roll of film, to parties, and pass it around for people to take candids. One suggestion if you decide to do this: take it off the panoramic setting otherwise it tends to decapitate people.

2x Minolta Freedom-Tele with new battery. This is a great point and shoot camera. Very fast, quiet and accurate autofocus, auto exposure and autowind. Uses a teleconverter to go from 40mm to 80mm by pushing a button. Reads ISO DX up to 3200. Rumor is that it was the Minolta version of the Leica AF-C1. It has a very good lens. I have three; two are available and I am keeping one for myself. The battery itself costs $10.



Jobo 1000 Dev tank and reels

Componon-S 100 5.6



Componon-S 50 2.8

Albert 11x14 4-blade enlarging easel