It's not that prints from digital files aren't authentic, it's just that the majority of people have the same mentality that we often ballyhoo on here of "I can press print and get 50 copies!".

A) Anyone that editions their work at 50 is a dumbass.

B) printing with inkjet is as difficult as printing in the darkroom...color inconsistencies, profiling, batch to batch paper variation that is generally more pronounced than we experience in the darkroom world...the only thing is that since more people have inkjet printers than darkrooms, we see (drastically) more people who don't really care about the true quality of the finished product. Don't you think we are a little biased here? We have all chosen to be members of what is billed as an "exclusively analog" photographic community of printers and photographers, for better or worse. By that very fact alone, we all care 100% more about our finished product than 98% of the photographic community. My father exclusively prints via inkjet now...but to make a single print that he is willing to put his signature on is an hours long ordeal, requiring extensive collaboration with his printer (whom, I might add, is descended from a 3 generations long family of printers, both lithography and silver based). He will make a visit to her lab all day and come home with two or three different than any discerning professional darkroom worker.

C) I'm really sick of people disrespecting digital photography as a medium because of its intrinsic lack of a concrete original between shutter-press and print (Polaroid, eat your heart out). Digital cameras didn't hurt standards of quality in photography, and there aren't any more bad photographers than there were in the past, it's just that the needle is no longer hidden in a haystack, it's submerged in a pool of shit the size of the Pacific Ocean. Archival pigment prints have projected lives beyond that of both Ciba and RA-4 (even CA-II). Also...we can whine but when was the last time you were able to get a color print done on 310gsm fiber-based paper without using color-carbro-Ilfo-BBQ-EDTA-Fresson-Transfer-Chromeoil?

D) I don't know about y'all but I hate touching my negatives...

E) I think people would use film more if they saw more work that they enjoyed which was made on film. Some annoying rich guy yelling about nonsense isn't going to have much actual effect on anything.