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"Film yields an authenticity that is often missing in a digital world."

Fortunately, there are some people who really do get it...
Let's be fair: Some of us "get" it, but disagree. I like film, obviously, and in many ways the process leaves me as a creator feeling in closer contact with the work than digital does, but I don't find this "film-only authenticity" to be a real phenomenon. I understand that you do, and this is one of those subjective things where reasonable people can differ.

I actually find instant film to be a lot like digital, in that the process is sort of a magical black box, and I think it's cool in its own way but doesn't have much in common with darkroom work. I'd actually say in some ways it's more "detached" or "alienated" from the photographer than digital, precisely because it *is* so much of a black box---apart from Polaroid backs on system or LF cameras, the actual controls applicable to the process are almost always very limited, and the controls you can apply after exposure are basically nil.

To me, that stuff only gets really interesting when you start to look at things like emulsion transfers and experimenting with the "goop" side of peel-aparts. Your mileage may, obviously, vary.