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Maybe the same company that makes the Shantou ERA 100 b&w film. I love that stuff. I shoot a load of it.
Anything is possible. The ERA film I have used came in a Clear plastic container that looked like a copy of a Fuji can made by someone who had only seen a photo of one. All the dimensions are different! the Era also came in a "snap Cap" cassette rather than a crimped cassette. I will agree that it seemed to be an excellent film and I am sorry that I have not seen any for sale latly, and that the vendor who last sold me some claimed that it was no longer made.

As far as the Sunny, I did get a chance to compare the can that the Sunny came in to a can that some Arista Colour, Known ot be made by Ferannia came in. Other than the markings being slightly less distinct that were almost identical. The only substantive difference I could see what the Sunny Can did not have a mould number on the inside of the Lid. Imnation did have a plant in the US as well as in Italy for COnveting film for sale, and perhaps both had tooling to make the cans, so one set of tooling may be now in China. A slightly different mix of Polyethylene could account for the slightly less sharp markings on the Sunny film can. The lids did interchange.