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Please keep in mind that HRT is not panchromatic film and it's green sensitive. The film is not sensitive to warm colors like oranges and reds. So red objects that have a high luminescence might show up as black on your film. You can make this an advantage by processing Fuji HRT under a safelight and process by eye. I've done some test and with HRT and I've rated my film at ASA 200 with XTOL. Also the film has no anti-halation backing and there's an emulsion on both sides. The emulsion gets really soft and best processed in hangers or with flat bottom trays.
Man, that's wild, According to the zone 1 test I just did, I'm getting a film speed of 25, maybe a hair faster--40 tops. That is with D-76 1:3 6 minutes at 70-72 degrees. I wonder why there's such a big difference? You say 200, some on the LF Form say 160, a lot more say 80, and I'm getting 25. Very strange. But I've already tried shooting an actual photo at 80 and it was underexposed bad. I'm asking around to friends for a computer mouse I can cut up and make a shutter tester out of, but my shutter SEEMS pretty close already. That's the only variable I can think of. My meter is dead on the money. It's a Luna-Pro that I put a 1.35 volt voltage regulator in, and it is in line with my 2 SBC's and my Sekonic.